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I’m an Estée Lauder Brand Ambassador! Black Girl Make Up

As we say in Through Our LensRepresentation Matters! There were times when I’ve been in a drug store, at a make up counter, in a make up chair at a shoot and could tell the attendant or make up artists did not have my color. Their perplexed faces as they tried to scramble something together that inevitably looked ashy on my skin stung. I haven’t experienced it much, but when I do it’s infuriating. So when I find a brand or a make up artist I have a huge amount of brand loyalty. Unfortunately, they are still few and far between. Estée Lauder is a forerunner in the beauty industry so for them to recognize this issue, treat it as second nature and not even an issue makes me so very proud to be an Estée Lauder Brand Ambassador this winter representing the 7N1 Deep Amber for their #DoubleWear Stay-In-Place foundation. Last night I shared my first post on Instagram. Check it out and double tap to show me some love!


UPDATE 12/31/17 – Here are my latest two posts for Estee Lauder!


UPDATE 5/14/18

Originally posted in December 2017


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