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Travel Beauty Deep Dive: MICROBLADING

OK, so you might be thinking, WTF does a cosmetic procedure have to do with travel, but as I demonstrated in my first travel beauty hack videos, for many of us travelers, if there is any way for us to save time and that precious commodity, space, in our carry on, we’ll take it. For me, I’m a pretty expressive person and I’ve always loved the look of a strong eyebrow, but years of threading have left my eyebrows nowhere near as full as I’d like them to be. Freshly threaded though? I love them! It’s a vicious cycle. I’ve watched hours of YouTube videos on brow tutorials but I’m a little lazy with make up, so I wasn’t going to spend 10 minutes everyday just on my brows. What a luxury! I’m also a bit rambunctious and quick to jump into a sea or ocean. Wouldn’t it be nice to emerge with your brows fully intact? After seeing a few articles on and Refinery29, I began to really look into microblading. But before I did I had a ALOT of questions about the process, especially for dark skin tones and healing, including keloids, scabbing and scarring. I looked at tons of YouTube videos and those particular questions just weren’t being answered. I knew it couldn’t possibly be only me. I did decide to get the procedure (after NOT doing it at a spa in London) and I was in great hands with the technicians at Eye Design in New York City midtown east (right next to Chanel!). Here is my video giving you a glimpse into the procedure (close up!) and busting some of those myths and FAQs about the procedure. And check out how much time exactly I’ve saved!
Eye Design Management //

Technician // Nadia Afanaseva

Camera // Antoine Braxton

Music // HookSounds


Have you had the procedure done? Have more questions about how it went for me? Let me know!

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