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Season 2 of Never Date a Traveler!

The last 9 months have flown by! I remember this time last year, planning out my summer, I had no clue what the upcoming year had for me. I actually recorded an episode for season one about Bordeaux, which is fitting as I’m going to Bordeaux in a few weeks. Maybe I’ll release it as a lost file. This season of Never Date A Traveler, I’m going to be bringing you more stories and a new format, guests to share their stories of love and wanderlust with you. Season 2 will bring in more guests to discuss the concept of love, dating and romance internationally. The world watched Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan’s union in awe this weekend, shows like “90-day Fiancé” have developed a cult following. What is it about about cross cultural loves that we romanticize and are captivated by? What are the stresses of it? Harry & Meghan had the means to maintain a relationship overseas, but plane tickets aren’t cheap! Let’s explore race, gender and relationship dynamics. Is it Gen Z vs. Millenials, vs our parents generation? Are celebrity dating habits normalizing what before now would be considered alternative? So excited to deep dive into all of that for you. In my first episode, I chat with dear friend and non-profit exec, Jennifer Estrada about her experiences with traveling all over the world for work and then we get into the question, “Is your person American?” Is there really a difference dating internationally? What does that mean.

Listen below, or if you prefer iTunes. Check it out and let me know what you think!


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