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What’s in my jewelry box? Chatting w/ Shiffon Co

You may have noticed from photos — very rarely am I without jewelry. Looking at baby pictures, at months old, I had my ears pierced, had a ring on my pointer finger and wore a bracelet. Many of those pieces — if I didn’t lose them — my mom saved and I hope to pass down to my kids one day. That’s the power of jewelry. It tells a story. Maybe it’s of generations passed, maybe it’s of places been, moments, people that you knew. I love my jewelry and truly feel naked without them. True story, I refused to go to a dance at summer camp because I lost an earring and I couldn’t stand the thought of meeting those young studs with “naked lobes!” The horror! Luckily, one of my girlfriends at camp stepped in and lent me hers.

People often ask me about my jewelry, and ages ago I filmed a video discussing some of my jewelry pieces. You know me, always behind, so I was thrilled when the team at Shiffon Co reached out and gave me the impetus to go back to my box to discuss. You may have heard that Tiffany blue box described as the perfect little box. Well, we should all be so lucky, but my perfect box is holding a little more, stories of family, love, travel and I can’t wait to share it with you.

I’ll start with my Shiffon Co. pinky duet ring. I wear it every day and it reminds me to pay it forward to young women and young entrepreneurs. Founder Shilpa tracked me down on LinkedIn while she was a student at Harvard. Her passion, drive and can-do attitude inspires and amazes me everyday. Being one of her mentors is such an honor for me. Her vision with Shiffon Co., how it has already helped young entrepreneurs around the world, and grace and sense of humor is just incredible.

I am proud to wear the pinky duet ring every day and bought one for my friend Sophie Elgort, another inspirational female entrepreneur raising another boss babe, Stella.  50% of the profits from the sale fund start ups that empower women. Wear the change that you want to see.

Here’s my interview with Shiffon Co. below. Get your pinky duet ring and pay it forward today — #wearthechange — and definitely watch this space for a fun surprise we’re cooking up! - 4.1.18 - Fashion Maven Nneya Richards.jpg

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