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I’m Featured on Forbes.com – How to Get Paid to Travel!

I’ll often receive DMs asking me about my path to travel writing, “how I made it to my dream job.” It was far from direct but no matter what career or field I thought I would be in, travel was going to be a huge component of my life. Starting with TeenVogue magazine as a founding contributor, I did have a taste of publishing while in highschool, nevertheless, I went to Amherst thinking I’d end up in lawschool or maybe work for the FBI or CIA. My major, Women & Gender Studies was writing intensive, but no, I didn’t go to journalism school. All of this confusing? Maybe. But I say all of this to say there is no direct path to this career, especially not in this day and age. One thing I did was, when I had an idea, I invested in myself.

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My time, taking that L in earnings, my money, my skills… You have to be your toughest critic and biggest supporter. If this is your dream, your passion, put everything you have into it. And it won’t be easy. This is not the lifestyle for everything. It requires a lot of hustle, missed birthdays, uncomfortable situations, what sick days, what insurance? But to me, what I learn, the people I meet, the things I see and can share with you makes it all worth it.

Still interested? Check out Forbes.com to get some words of advice for how to get started in the travel industry from me and some fellow boss traveling women.

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