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Ny’s Eats: A Visit to an Italian Food Temple

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s been a wildly busy few weeks here in Italy and I’ve truly missed communicating with you guys. One things I do truly miss being away for Thanksgiving is the good ole traditional Thanksgiving food, mixed in with some family specialties. We don’t go wild for the standard turkey and on the poultry portion of the menu is everything from Cornish Hens (my faves) to Jamaican jerk turkey.

My mouth could water thinking about cranberry sauce and candied yams all day, but let’s work with what we got. And what I do have in Italy is a rich food culture. Talk to any Italian and they’ll lecture you on food. EVERYONE here’s an expert, every’s passionate. Go almost anywhere in Italy and you’ll get great food — note, there are some regional dishes I abhorrrr — but could the best food possibly be in the Emilia Romagna region and the city of Bologna, aka, La Cittá Grassa? The FAT city. COME. ON! Bolgona’s rich cuisine is world renowned. Think tortellini, parmeggiano reggiano cheese. So let’s head to Bolognas very own food temple FICO Eataly and do a crash course on some of our Italian faves on my latest installation on IGTV of Ny’s Eats!

What’s your favorite Italian delicacy? Let me know!


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