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New Video: 3 Minutes in Porto

It’s terrible to hear about the fires in Portugal right now. I’ve wanted to go to Portugal for a long time and last year, for m y birthday, my mum surprised me with a trip. It was incredible. Two days in Porto & Lisbon and friends from London met up. I gave a little preface in an ode to the country on Popsugar. Porto has that decaying decadence that you think of with Havana, but with amazing food, beautiful azulejos and a hopping wine country and port trade on the river. Zone out and spend 3 minutes with me checking out my time in Porto, Portugal.



art by Loveis Wise for

Last night, I went to a great event celebrating the launch of, a new travel platform for women of color. Listening to the women on the panel with one of my favorite travel companions, Jennifer, and seeing all of those beautiful brown women in the room passionate about travel and a multi-cultural experience totally warmed my heart. It was so, ‘N A Perfect World. Last summer, I biked to Pineapple St media to record some podcasts and guides for an upcoming project with Aminatou Sou called, On She Goes. I had been a big fan of her podcast Call Your Girlfriend so I jumped at the chance to do a reoccurring guest spot on this new project for traveling women of color. At the time I had no clue that advertising mega-force Weiden+Kennedy were behind the project. To be honest it’s still a bit magical to me that a big advertising agency would put so much push behind a project like this. It shouldn’t be that wild, but I’m a realist. I know what kind of America we’re living in and this is pretty spectacular. Maybe that’s the idea behind On She Goes’s motto, #WeBelongHere. I’ll say it again, traveling as an American woman of color, I see myself as a cultural ambassador. I proudly pave those travel roads for my sisters. I welcome the question “how do they react to people of color there?”

I did the podcast and wrote a few city guides for the site on places like Lisbon, Miami and Kauai, Hawaii.


illustration by Chen Liang for

I’m so proud to be apart of this, the podcast (which I can’t stop listening to) and the platform as a whole: the first few days of launch I had about 10 tabs open at a time reading the articles.

Check it out and there’ll be more to come!

#WatchThisSpace. - 5.15.17 - Travel Guide to Lisbon

Travel Diaries: Havana Then… (2015)

I first visited Havana in August 2015. From scenes in “The Godfather” to “Guys and Dolls,” it was to be a city of my dreams, definitely a bucket-list destination for me that suddenly seemed even more possible with sanctions from the US towards Cuba decreasing.  As I mentioned in a previous post and a Fathom article I wrote, I went to Havana under a People to People visa. While there, to fulfill that requirement, I volunteered with the arts organization, Muraleando.

Watchface words.png
Going to Havana, I didn’t have what seems to be the standard expectation: a city frozen in time. Well aware that Cuba was still a big beach destinations for many countries besides the US, I assumed it couldn’t be all that different; but the cars — I was so excited by the cars. In some ways, Havana is a bit of a relic. For me, it’s not really the lack of amenities or hospitality standards that we’re used to the US and other first world countries: I’ve seen that difference in other Caribbean and former Eastern Bloc countries I’ve visited. As I mentioned during my post of my stay at the Habana Riviera, in some areas, this country feels like a watch face smashed on January 1, 1959.  Hotel ballrooms seem haunted by a ghost of a more decadent era as tables were set and the place-settings hardly seem to have changed since. 

Coming together by Nneya Richards

But there’s more to Havana than this. It’s the color play as you see bubblegum pink restored Cadillacs on the street parked outside of a mint green mansion in Vedado. It’s the people — so much so the people — and their warm smiles welcoming you as an American to the place. I definitely felt the strong love there as a black American. There were several encounters in 2015 and in my most recent trip this May 2017 that once a person realized I was not Cuban but rather American, and a black American their eyes twinkled with excitement and pride (and then they confirmed my “Latina blood”😂). It’s also the two different worlds that exist in this city.

There’s a polish for the tourists but not too polished. Havana is old and decadent, but at the same time gritty in it’s fading glamour. In very few other cities in the world is the Capitol building and the tourist-heavy old town alongside where locals live; El Capitolio casting it’s grand shadow over rations markets. Reggaeton can be heard blasting from a side street alley as you pose for a photo at Plaza de las Armas. I encourage you to get lost down those side streets and alleys and get a glimpse of the real Havana. That’s what I did. Here’s a photo diary from my trip there in 2015.

Heading to Capital in Old Havana

heading towards old Havana


1 at airport Nneya Richards IMG_5875

We booked through ABC Charters for our 2015 trip to Havana. Our charter flight left early AM from Tampa and ABC made it pretty seamless.

2 Landing Jetblue Nneya Heather IMG_2076

The charter flight was operated through JetBlue. Here’s my mom and I upon landing, we couldn’t wait to see what Havana had in store for us.


For most of our trip, my mother and I stayed at Casa Lilly in Vedado. Not only was it an incredible way to experience the city, in a casa particular, but it also was situated in Vedado, an awesome neighborhood we might not have otherwise explored. Vedado means “forbidden” in Spanish, referencing the neighborhood’s past as a military zone and forest. From the 1850s it became residential and was designed on a grid system. The streets have numbers and letters making it one of the easiest places to navigate in Havana.

Sunrise from Vedado by Heather Walker

sunrise over Vedado

A wealthy neighborhood once rife with American investors and sugar cane families, the mansions in Vedado are spectacular: think fountains, grand marble staircases, completely opulent. Many of these properties are still single-family homes, but a remarkable number of them were converted into state offices, government-sponsored cultural centers, and embassies after the 1959 Cuban revolution. The neighborhood and these beautiful buildings are also home to some of Havana’s best restaurants and nightlife. Really, on my most recent trip after not staying in Vedado, I realized what a pain it was to find a good, basic meal in Havana.

4 Blues in vedado by Nneya Richards

Staying at Casa Lilly, we hopped right into exploring what seemed to be the posher, Upper East Side of Havana.

5 IMG_9766 copy

on the same street as our casa particular, Hotel Presidente

6 IMG_9771 copy7 Mansion in Vedado by Nneya Richards

8 IMG_5911

there were definitely moments in Vedado that I forgot that I was in Cuba and felt instead that I was in Paris, or Madrid.

9 Ballet in Vedado by Nneya Richards

the wonderful thing about Vedado is that it’s teeming with culture, like Cuba’s national ballet.

10 Blk Car Cruisin in Havana by Nneya Richards

11 Mosaic Mansion in Vedado by Nneya Richards

the beautiful tile work

Vedado landmark hotels like the Hotel Nacional, the Capri, and the Riviera (below) are towering odes to 1950’s Cuba, when it seems American gangsters and their gambling enterprises controlled the island. Meyer Lansky owned the Riviera before it was nationalized. The who’s who of Hollywood and the American elite at the time treated Havana as their playground.

12 Habana Riviera by Nneya Richards

We spent a day/night at the Habana Riviera and wow was it a throwback

23 IMG_5988

13 Nneya at Habana Riviera by Nneya Richards

see more on my Habana Riviera post for more

14 nneya habana rivera blk and white by nneya richards

68 IMG_2430

part of why we checked in to Habana Riviera… INTERNET. Although I do love the feeling of checking out while in Cuba. WiFi is so slow it almost doesn’t seem worth it unless you have serious business to attend to.

15 Park in Vedado by Nneya Richards

appealing bench in Vedado

16 School in Vedado by Nneya Richards

17 vedado orange taxis by nneya richards

the beautiful color play

18 Run down Vedado by Nneya Richards

even for all of it’s ritzy polish, Vedado is still Cuba and there’s grit that comes to the surface

58 FullSizeRender 2320 Looking up at the sky in vedado by Nneya Richards21 IMG_9843 copy

22 me and mom w casa lily crew by nneya richards

My mom and I with the owners at Casa Lilly. It was such a pleasure to stay at their beautiful casa particular with these incredible views of Vedado.

3 Breakfast at Casa Lilly by Nneya Richards

When staying in an Air BNB, Casa Particular etc, always say yes to the breakfast. It’s usually under 5/6 CUCs and you get a very full spread. I loved starting my day with tons of fresh cut fruit and juices.

27 Nneya w Housekeeper by Nneya Richards

Anna and I. Anna made the best breakfast hands down that I’ve experienced in Cuba (both trips, all cities). I loved being greeted by her warm smile and beautiful eyes every morning.

24 IMG_6017

Anna’s amazing breakfast.

25 Red Car at National Hotel by Nneya Richards

Couldn’t help but posing in front of this hot rod at Hotel Nacional

26 Looking down at night on Avenida Presidente in Vedado by Nneya Richards

The night view from our balcony at Casa Lilly

19 Man carrying fish in vedado by Nneya Richards

The people: Cuban daily life, man walking down the street in Vedado with a fresh catch.

28 older couple in Vedado by Nneya Richards

30 Viva Revolucion by Nneya Richards

The spirit of Che is everywhere in this country. From the walls…

29 Che Tattoo by nneya Richards

to the body…

31 Granma

Cuban daily paper, Granma, named after Castro’s revolutionary boat

32 IMG_5955

A visit into a Cuban bookstore

33 Arab Havana by Nneya Richards

Hints of the Arab area of Havana

34 Blue Car Chinatown by Nneya Richards

that pop of blue

35 Centro Habana Side Street by Nneya Richards

Majestic side streets

36 Centro Habana Yellow Building by Nneya Richards

Thanks to Julio, my mom got a true local’s view of Centro Habana

37 Train Capitol Car by Nneya Richards

El Capitolio looms in the distance

38 Pastel Colors on Buildings by Nneya Richards

Havana’s beauty exposing itself at every seam.

We spent a beautiful rainy day exploring Old Havana. The city kind of reminded me of the magic of Paris in the rain. Still beauty, still curiosities at every turn.

39 Plaza de Armas by Nneya Richards

40 Paseo del Prado Morrocan Building by Nneya Richards

I absolutely fell in love with this building.

42 Moroccan building by Nneya RuchardsProcessed with VSCO with v5 preset60 Paseo del Prado by Nneya Richards

41 Nneya on Wet Paseo del Prado by Nneya Richards

Paseo del Prado

51 Mom black and white on old Habana Malecon by Nneya Richards

52 black and white plaza de armas after the rain by Nneya Richards

In 2015, I was able to capture a shot like this, devoid of tourists.

55 old cars on Malecon after the rain by Nneya Richards

Classic Malecón shot

56 old Habana Bay by Nneya Richards

Havana bay

53 Blues on the water by Nneya Richards

43 Outside Rations Market in Centro Habana by Nneya Richards

A glimpse in a rations market

44 Rations Market in Centro Habana by Nneya Richards

45 Centro Havana Turquoise by Nneya Richards

Matching cars and buildings

46 IMG_6042

Central Havana is vibrant.

47 IMG_0098 edit48 IMG_0075 edit49 IMG_0270 copy50 IMG_9802 copy57 Centro Havana blue Car by Nneya Richards

59 IMG_2225

Callejón de Hamel, an Afro-Cuban art project

54 Calle Jamel Looking Up by Nneya Richards

72 IMG_2222

with one of the artists at Hamel

61 Motorcycle Blur by Nneya Richards62 Red Car in Havana by Nneya RichardsProcessed with VSCO with m3 preset65 IMG_597366 IMG_229367 IMG_2308

71 IMG_6036

A night at Casa Castro

70 IMG_227969 IMG_2259

78 My Mom with Julio by Nneya Richards

Meeting Julio was an amazing introduction to the spirit of the Cuban people. Open, friendly, and eager to share everything they have.

74 Dancing in Hemingway Bar by Nneya Richards

Dancing with Julio at Floridita

73 centro habana blue wall and old lady by Nneya Richards

75 Goat Guy by Nneya Richards

It’s the people of this city that get me every time.

76 guys hanging out on the corner by Nneya Richards77 IMG_222979 IMG_603280 Vedado at Night by Nneya Richards

It’s time for Vacanze! Summer 2017


Henry James Summer AfternoonSince as far back as I can remember, this has been one of my favorite quotes… I even had it inscribed on my iPod.

One of the questions / comments I get most often as a travel blogger is, “isn’t your life always summer vacation?” Short answer is no. When I travel to a lot of these amazing locales, it’s often work and to me summer vacation is one of those times where I can let loose, put my phone away and get lost in how wondrous the world it. During summer, it seems like this whole hemisphere is teeming with life and “summer vacation” to me conjures up images of sunfish sailboats crisscrossing on a mirror-like New Hampshire lake, the sweet smells of cheeseburgers and “congo bars” *shoutout to Camp Waukeela… tipsy topdown convertible rides on Hamptons back roads *I wasn’t driving… flash fried fritti misti in a paper cone in Salentino beach towns and the ice-cream, memories of scoops all over the world. So, as I plan my holidays, I thought I’d share with you some top places on my bucket list and near to my heart. Maybe I’ll see you guys there?

Summer Getaways Quotes.png


photo courtesy of

Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Memories of New England buttery lobster rolls. Meandering bike rides to the local ice cream parlor, sunset walks along wooden beach walkways. Few locales conjure up Northeast Americana like that of Cape Cod. With a 40 mile stretch of uninterrupted beach, countless outdoor adventures await you in the Cape! Take out the sail boat for a day or bike admist the dunes. Whatever you choose Cape Cod is definitely the place to make lifelong summer memories.



photo courtesy of Stratton Resort

Manchester, Vermont. Rolling meadows and farmhouses tucked in the beautiful Green Mountains, the town of Manchester, Vermont is quintessential American beauty. Before organic was cool, there was Vermont. Head to a cheese and wine tasting at a local dairy farm, take a picturesque hike and stumble upon a meadow of wildflowers, plunge into cool icy waters of a fresh water lake. Many people venture up to Manchester come winter ski season but Manchester truly has natural beauties to offer all year round. Oh and by the way, tons of luxury outlet shopping!



photo courtesy of

Hilton Head, South Carolina. It might be hot and swampy in Savannah during the summer but why not take a reprieve from soaking up all that history amidst the Spanish Moss and head 45 minutes outside the city to Hilton Head. There are 24 world-class golf resorts on this little enclave so you know it’s definitely a big destination for the who’s who of the East Coast. Golf not your thing? Take a horseback ride through a forest reserve or learn about the Gullah community.



photo courtesy of

Key West, Florida. Head down to our very own Caribbean paradise in the US, Key West, Florida in the Florida Keys. Known for it’s eclectic charm and rich literary history, it’s no wonder that Ernest Hemingway called this paradise home. Snorkel in that Caribbean emerald blue and experience all this island archipelago has to offer, but don’t tire yourself out with waterfront activities — mile long Duval street will have you eating, drinking and dancing throughout the night.



photo courtesy of Princess Cruises

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Still craving that Caribbean Sun? Head to St. Thomas, or really any of the US Virgin Islands. The colorful capital city of Charlotte Amalie provides ample photo-opps with their pastel colored Danish Colonial era buildings. Spending your days snorkeling the pristine enclaves or sipping rum concoctions on the beach. Added perk? U.S. citizens can go to the U.S. Virgin Islands without passports.





photo courtesy of

Varadero Beach, Cuba. Sure, there are tons of islands to take in those Caribbean blue waves but this summer why not head to what was formerly a no-go for American travelers. Fly into Havana and soak up the history and culture and then spend a few days lolling around the beach resort area of Varadero, a short car ride away.


santa cruz

photo courtesy of

Santa Cruz, California. You saw the picturesque landscapes of Monterrey on HBO’s hit Big Little Lies so spend a weekend this summer in the beautiful, coastal city of Santa Cruz. This hippy surf city is teeming with culture from the waves to the redwoods.



photo courtesy of

Cannon Beach, Oregon. Fulfill that childhood fantasy and see that majestic seaside town that was featured on The Goonies. Marvel at Haystack Rock; National Geographic listed Cannon Beach as one of the most beautiful places in the world in 2013 and it’s easy to see why! Stay at the famed Stephanie Inn for sweeping views, pampering and the best that the Oregon coast has to offer.



photo courtesy of

Maui, Hawaii. Known as the Valley Isle, the Hawaiian island of Maui has been renowned as a celeb-favorite destination for decades. With over 30 miles of beach, you’re sure to find a spot to call your own. Or if you’re more of the adventure type go for a day trip through Haleakala National Park, home to Maui’s highest peak. Maui also boast a lush Upcountry replete with farms and golf courses. Yea, that’s a red sand beach; ask a local to find out how to get there.



photo courtesy of

Azores, Portugal. Forget the French Riviera or packed Italian beaches. Walk on the wild side and head to the Azores, otherwise known as heaven on Earth. A seemingly untouched biosphere 800 miles of the coast of Portugal, the nine islands of the Azores are teaming with flora and fauna that will make you catch your breath. Vineyards, historical old towns, volcanic land masses, waterfalls, there really is something for every traveler in this island chain.



On the Road with Lafayette 148 New York – Cuba Diaries

Whether it’s the allure of old cars cruising down the Malecón or the enchanting beats of son cubano, Cuba, and particularly Havana, has long served as design inspiration for everyone from Chanel to American Eagle. As I prepped for my second trip to the island nation, I knew I wanted beautiful, bold, but feminine silhouettes that could take me from a night out dancing in Havana to exploring the revolutionary town of Santa Clara to hours in the car along the backroads of the eastern half of the island and everything in between.

This Spring 2017, Lafayette 148 New York drew it’s inspiration from 1950s Cuba with bold colours, art deco inspired lines and tropical-chic motifs. Well, with the ease of the embargo and Cuba on everyone’s mind, the island is prime for a Renaissance, a new heyday. Bringing the collection back to the origin of inspiration? How fun! How meta! How ‘N A Perfect World. Come on the road with me and Lafayette 148 New York and shop my looks for your Cuba road trip.

Day 1. We couldn’t wait to take in all of Cuba. First stop, Havana and we were staying right in the heart of old town in Centro Havana. Not quite the restored area of Habana Vieja, Centro Havana is where you’ll see real Cuban life in the shadows of the famed Capitol building. There’s the decaying decadence that the restoration funds haven’t gotten to yet, fruit markets, kids playing béisbol in the streets, wiFi parks under your balcony — real Cuban life. 

Vanguardia Scarf quote

Like a Boy Scout’s bandana, my Lafayette 148 New York Vanguardia palm silk scarf was invaluable on this trip. Embracing the Havana heat & humidity I went full on island-style and first styled it into a top to pair with my Morton trolley striped pants and leather Vienna sandals. Ready to both sight-see and dance into the night.

Welcome to Havana Nneya Richards by Alistair Morgan

Have a fuller figure or bigger bust? Put two scarves together! This “top” takes about 5 minutes to style letting me hit the town in no time after dropping off my bags!

You know I love color play and right outside of our casa particular in Centro Havana I found this fruit market that really made the colors in stripes of my Vanguardia palm silk scarf and Morton pants pop. Design inspiration come to life!

Fruitstand Nneya Richards by Alistair Morgan 2

Know that everyday is a “special day” to buy cigars, and that everyone has a friend, or cousin who works at the factory and can get you the best deal.

Lauging at the fruitstand havana nneya richards by Alistair Morgan Edited

Nneya walking in centro habana by alistair morgan

Take some time to wander this neighborhood in the shadows of the tourist populated Old Havana. You’ll see the life blood of the city.

Smiling Nneya Richards Centro Habana by Alistair Morgan CLose up

The covered walkways of Paseo del Prado would be home in many European cities, a nod to Havana’s colonial past.

Paseo Martí Golden Hour Nneya Richards by Alistair Morgan Edited

An end to a beautiful day first day in Havana as the sunsets along the Paseo Martí (née Paseo del Prado) promenade.

Sunset on Avenida Prado Nneya Richards by Alistair Morgan

Our third (of five) cities we stopped in during this trip was UNESCO site, Trinidad de Cuba. This city definitely has a small town feel and the living seemed a little easier. Catching some Zs and sun at our casa.

Rooftop in Trinidad de Cuba by Jen Estrada

tunic (similar), $298 | vienna leather sandal, $198

Rooftop in Trinidad Nneya Richards by Jen Estrada

Another look with my Vanguardia palm silk scarf at a pit stop at the Bay of Pigs.

Vanguardia Silk Scarf Bay of Pigs Nneya by Alistair

Airport day. It was our last day after a week of touring the island. In true Cuban form we thought, “The plane can wait, let’s go have a proper breakfast, take a coffee and enjoy one last jaunt in la Habana vieja.” With my Vanguardia palm silk scarf and the Sawyer linen blouse riffing off of the classic Cuban guayabera shirt and leather Vienna chanclas, I was ready to take this sporty look from sightseeing to the airport; the Lafayette 148 New York take on Cuban essentials. Neutral tones and blending into my surroundings. 


By the end of our trip, we all could embody the busy body Cuban neighbor to a t. Perpetually hanging in the doorway, giving unsolicited advice, and most importantly a smile. Few can stop, and “take a moment” better than Cubans. Isis caught me hanging outside of our flat in Cayo Hueso in my full Cubana glory.

Nosy Cuban Neighbor by Isis

Kitschy or not, no trip to Havana is complete without a shot with a shiny, restored, classic car.

Nneya in La Havana Pink Car by Isis


Don’t you love it when your café goes perfectly with your look? Enjoying one of many café bombónes on my last morning in Havana at Cafe O’Reilly in La Habana Vieja. This institution has been around since 1893.

The Chic Chancla

Every trip has it’s all-star and I don’t know what I would have done without my Lafayette 148 New York leather Vienna sandals. From popping out of the car during long rides to get roadside pizza to dancing the night away in Cuban cities, this chic leather sandal was the perfect shoe for this trip.

Fuji Film Instax Compilation Nneya Richards


Video: Check In, Check Out citizenM Tower of London

Many hotels targeting Gen Z & millennial focus on very cool, hip common spaces with the idea of getting you out of your room to socialize, work and play. CitizenM London seamlessly does both. I found myself torn between luxuriating in my XL king size bed or watching the sun set over the Tower of London with a gin & tonic. Check out my stay in this video and see more photos on my previous post, Perfect Stay – citizenM Tower of London.

Perfect Stay – citizenM Tower of London

Jumping on the bed citizenM Nneya Richards

someone once asked me if I ever jumped on the beds when I stayed at hotels for work. Now I can say I have.

XL king-size bed that you just melt into. Views over-looking the Tower of London. Full service bar and eats 24 hrs a day (so hard to find in London!) and a stones throw away from hip East London? citizenM Tower of London has this west-London die-hard looking East in a whole new way.

word banner

Upon discovering the citizenM brand, I had a pretty strong feeling there could be strong synergy with ‘N A Perfect World. Comfortable, cool, living room-like common areas with easily accessible wiFi and enough art, coffee table books and classics to keep you entertained for hours. A brand philosophy that celebrates the global citizen, mobile citizens and travel entrepreneurs. Oh, and it’s right above the Tower Hill tube station. Right away I knew this hotel was designed with the mobile friendly millennial / gen Z in mind: there was a kiosk check in that took less than a minute. But there was still that quirky-cool personal touch and smiling hotel employees that kept it from feeling staged or sterile. They also maintained a sense of that classic hotel experience; citizenM was cool but not alienating.

be a cultural ambassador polaroid Nneya RichardsIMG_3088 3-polaQueensGuard CloudM Nneya Richards

lobby silver man citizenM nneya richards


Then I got to my room. Not since my stay at a palace in Portugal — yes a 5-star palace — has a room felt so right. For very different reasons, I knew that I would be requesting this room for my future stays at citizenM Tower of London. Light, airy, modern. Efficient, but the use of space was far from utilitarian. This hotel room rivaled many studios I saw in London! HUGE windows with iPad controlled blinds. The warm afternoon sun begged for me to take a nap in the plush bed. But I was having too much fun with the iPad, the LED lights and the perks of a smart room. Need to set the tone for romance? citizenM has you covered? Want a more productive wake up vibe? They have that too! Inviting friends over to get ready for a night out? Put your room in party mode!

citizenM room in afternoon sun Nneya Richards

citizenM closet Nneya Richards

when your luggage and packing list match your room, it’s prime for photo opps

Later in the evening, I finally tore myself away from the love affair with my room and met my friend Oli for a drink on citizenM’s rooftop bar, cloudM. I’m embarrassed to say it, but after all these years, I’ve never been to the Tower of London. But now, I’ve watched the sunset overlooking it while sipping a G&T! cloudM is for guests and their friends so unlike most other rooftop bars in London that become unbearably packed at the hint of sun, cloudM was fun, spacious and quite affordable! There are really great meeting rooms that you can rent here starting at 300£ for half a day.

Tower of London from citizenM by Nneya Richards

my cloudM view of the Tower of London at magic hour

With room rates starting at 125£ get to booking citizenM Tower of London for your summer holidays (remember, the cheapest date to book flights is on Tuesday)! I know I’m excited to explore the other citizenM properties for my European summer travels.

Set of 3 Portraits Nneya Richards cloudM

Explore citizenM Tower of London with me…



Nneya Richards citizenM hotel room hangmornings overlooking tower of London citizenM nneya richardslooking back from Tower of London citizenM nneya richardsdancing it out in a meeting room at citizenM nneya richardsin a flash Nneya Richards citizenM lobbycloudM Nneya RichardscloudM Clooney Portrait Nneya RichardsChandeliers cloudM Nneya RichardsNneya Richards citizen M polaroid


Nneya Richards cloudM skywalk


Nneya Richards citizenM hotel room hangmornings overlooking tower of London citizenM nneya richardslooking back from Tower of London citizenM nneya richardsdancing it out in a meeting room at citizenM nneya richardsin a flash Nneya Richards citizenM lobbycloudM Nneya RichardscloudM Clooney Portrait Nneya Richards

Chandeliers cloudM Nneya Richards

t-shirt, VINTAGE | bustier, RALPH LAUREN PURPLE LABLE | skirt, CUSTOM | sneakers, VANS

Nneya Richards citizen M polaroid

citizenM Tower of London
40 Trinity Square – EC 3N 4DJ – London – UK