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Sophie’s Squad x Beach mag!

_E8B5343_V3 by Sophie Elgort.jpg

No one knows how to assemble a squad like my girl Sophie. She’s gifted with a knack for bringing people together and making magic, whether it’s a birthday party, a ski weekend in Vermont or most recently, this awesome cover story for Modern Luxury’s Beach magazine. It was such an awesome day styling everyone and being featured in the shoot myself. The kind of day that reaffirms “I love my job.” Highlights for me? Seeing Lulu Frost designer Lisa Salzar and her husband, dancer & creative director Marlon Taylor-Wiles decked out in Peter Pilotto and Missoni in a canoe or dodging waves to help Sophie get the perfect self-portrait in a gorgeous and LARGE Carolina Herrera gingham gown. It’s always a fun time with a lot afoot at the Elgorts house in the summer.

Whenever I’m out East, I love disconnecting. Sometimes I have service, sometimes I don’t. And maybe because of this, that quality time with the people I love. I don’t really “go out” here. Friends houses, yea. Maybe an event. Cooking, bottle(s) of wine and really enjoying beach life. Even moreso in the fall! I also feel like a kid again here and have a high propensity for getting into mischief with a close friend Patrick, who’s like a brother to me, whether it’s beaching the car, speeding down back roads or being rambunctious at the Devon fireworks, Hamptons memories with him are some of the moments I’ve laughed the hardest in my life. I have friends that grew up spending their summers in the French Riviera that are so excited to see the Hamptons and I think “Wow, really?!” I guess that’s pretty dope.

Sophie’s story captures that perfectly. Here’s a peak of some of the shots I’m in and my feature PLUS a bonus pool photo that didn’t run. Sophie definitely flexed her director skills coordinating all of us in these groups shots. But be sure to check Beach mag’s digital issue or pick it up at storefronts if you’re out in the Hamptons — trust me, my feature mates’ stories are incredible.


_E8B6414_V1 by Sophie Elgort

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 10.58.12 PM_E8B5409_V1 by Sophie Elgort

_E8B5531_V1 by Sophie Elgort

Video: Q & A with Matador Network at Women’s Travel Fest

I’ve been a fan of the travel community Matador Network for some time now so I was thrilled and honored when their contributing editor Emma Thieme approached me after my talk on Traveling as an American Woman Today for Women’s Travel Fest and asked me to do a live Facebook Q&A. Check it out as I talk my travel goals for 2017 — have I met them?! — ice-cream, what I’m inspired by and do some bad math!

Traveling As An American Woman Today Women’s Travel Fest Talk

This past Spring, I had the honor of speaking at Women’s Travel Fest about traveling as an American woman today. I wanted the discussion to run the gamut from safety, to perks, stereotypes and most importantly, our role as American women as travel ambassadors of the United States.

This was in March, right after the election. Emotions were raw. It seemed like everyday a new policy like the “Muslim ban” was being rolled out of the White House. Even watching this video was great for me to look back and reflect. Watch / listen to my talk at Women’s Travel Fest on traveling as an American woman today.

It’s a but long, but well worth it. I made it into a podcast for you as well in case you don’t want to see my shining face (but how COULD you not?!). So listen to it on iTunes or SoundCloud if you’d prefer (and if you are listening on iTunes, like and review)!



A True City Picnic – St. Cloud at the Knickerbocker

Table Top by Nneya Richards

Summer in the city. It’s my favorite time of the year, but for us New Yorkers, summertime can also conjure up memories of summertime escapes: the Rockaways, the Hamptons, even early mornings in Central Park. The Knickerbocker hotel is offering that escape right in the heart of Times Square!

As a New Yorker, I’ll be honest, I avoid Times Square. The bright lights and easy access that makes it magical to visitors is a slalom of cars and bodies on a New Yorker’s daily commute. But, look around… Those buildings aren’t filled with visitors, making The Knickerbocker’s rooftop bar, St. Cloud Social the perfect place to go for afterwork drinks (or after a long day exploring NYC). Even the most jaded New Yorker has to take a moment to appreciate the awe-worthy views of Time Square from above at St. Cloud.

Nneya Richard St Cloud by Sophie Elgort

très chic, non? Sophie captured me with the basket. It was quite heavy!

Here’s the kicker that got me call up two of my favorite #girlboss(es), photographer, Sophie Elgort & founder of Boy Meets Girl, Stacy Igel for happy hour: the PicKNICK, St. Cloud’s modern twist on the traditional picnic, atop Times Square.

St. Cloud Basket Quote

We opted for the French basket and noshed on yummy bites of caviar, foie gras pate, camembert and champagne grapes. But the pièce de résistance? Well, see for yourself…

The hotel’s signature summer drink, Wrong Way Rosé, which bubbles over with Lejay, drunken berries, fresh citrus, and a bottle of rosé tipped atop.

This special is from now until Labor Day week and I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer evening in NYC. St. Cloud Social opens at 4:00 p.m. daily and at noon on Fridays through Labor Day. For more information, visit or email

French Basket by Nneya Richards

Nneya Richard St Cloud Portrait by Sophie Elgort

Vistara Airlines’ Women Flyer Service

In a perfect world… I could sit on a flight in India without worrying about being assaulted or harassed.

A few years ago, India was rated one of the worst places to be a woman. Sexism, the common occurrence of unreported rape, stories seemingly in the news every day about the harassment, and even in some cases brutal rape, such as the international incident in 2012 of the brutal gang rape and torture of a foreign medical student. Unfortunately, lately these are the images that linger in my head just as prominently as the Taj Mahal, Hawa Mahal, rich food and culture, jewel toned embroideries.

I asked my friend Andrea, who studied abroad in the country her take. Independent, fierce, wild, Andrea wasn’t one to be caged in. She reported her time in India to be among the best of her life. But still, there was something to these headlines. The US State Dept actually advises women to NOT travel on their own to India with other countries like the UK and Australia following suit. But the state department does advise a lot of things I ignore… I haven’t made the solo trip to India yet, but today was pleased to hear that airline companies like AirIndia and Vistara are making efforts to ensure the safety of female travelers.

Earlier in the year, AirIndia announced that it was dedicating two rows on their planes for women travelers. Today, New Delhi based airline, Vistara announced it’s Women Flyer Service which include free services such as taxi escorts for women travelers. A big problem for women travelers, especially those with evening arrivals,  was finding legitimate taxi services and an escort to taxis; Vistara now plans to help solo female travelers with this. Another one? No middle seats.

I understand the problem is bigger than Vistara airlines, there needs to be a larger change in societal norms in India that make it so unsafe for women, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. Or is it? Does it seem like a step backward to force women to be segregated in order to feel safe?
Have you traveled alone to India? Share your thoughts and experiences with me below!

New Video! Roadtripping through Puerto Rico’s West Coast

There is nothing like a road trip and for my birthday, I always want to try something new. So, as I mentioned in a previous post, lured by a beautiful beach condo, I took off on a solo road trip through Puerto Rico’s west coast. Knowing I just scratched the surface, I can’t wait to go back, with a local and see all that this side of the island has to offer. But in the meantime, here’s a trip down memory lane with a few of my favorite sites in Rincón & Cabo Rojo.


Have any places I should check out on my next trip? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

Video with The New Regulars

The power of social media. Via Instagram and my series of posts about Lima, Peru, I connected with Lima native now Brooklynite Luis Salazar and his team at The New Regulars, a local digital platform featuring leadership, creativity, current events and community in Crown Heights. Crown Heights is rapidly changing — sometimes for the good, sometimes for the not so good… (this place and it’s owner is the epitome of ignorance and the problems that come with gentrification and I won’t give them a google mention). It’s important that platforms like The New Regulars highlight the beauty and diversity this community has to offer. It’s the new-age local newspaper and I really hope to see this platform grow!

It was a great interview. I even teared up a bit talking about my grandmother — that’s the legacy I want to continue

I always say, I’m a global citizen, a native NYer, but NYC is the not the be all end all for me. When I’m away on my travels my favorite parts of home that I miss… 90% of that is deeply rooted in Brooklyn — my family, my grandmother’s garden, biking to V’s in BedStuy, late nights at Crown Inn with Jenn. Check out The New Regulars for a glimpse of the place I call home.


behind the scenes photos by BRANDON PILCHER