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The New York Times’ 52 Places to Go in 2016


Saint Helena views from Getty Images

Ah! It’s already time for my favorite list of the year. The New York Times has released it’s picks for 52 Places to Go in 2016. I don’t know about you but I’m still plowing through 2015’s list and I’m happy to say I checked quite a few of them off; the one that I’m most surprised about – Singapore. I also checked off number 2 on that list, Cuba, with a mother-daughter trip to Havana, a longtime bucketlist destination of mine. I’m so excited for all of the content I have coming up for you on ‘N A Perfect World this year and some of these locations (erm, Malta anyone?) are apart of that. Check out the list below and be sure to read the Times article for a little more info on why you should be heading to these places and incredible banner moving images.

  1. Mexico City. Home to one of my favorite designers, Anndra Neen. This city has long been on my list. Something, or someone, tells me I’m going to make it this year.
  2. Bordeaux, France.
  3. Malta. Longtime on my bucketlist since Jay on Degrassi said he was from there…
  4. Coral Bay, St. John.
  5. Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota.
  6. Mozambique.
  7. Toronto, Canada.
  8. Abu Dhabi, UAE.
  9. Skane, Sweden.
  10. Viñales, Cuba. Mom? ready to head here?
  11. Guadelope.
  12. Park City, Utah.
  13. Aarhus, Denmark.
  14. Cesme, Turkey.
  15. Road of the Seven Lakes, Argentina. Who’s down to get all Motorcycle Diaries with me?
  16. Hangzhou, China.
  17. Korcula Island, Croatia.
  18. San Sebastián, Spain.
  19. Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo. “come to Congo and swim with me in Lake Kivu
    I’m looking out at it now

    so beautiful.

    we can just take off all our clothes and swim from Goma to Bukavu” Yea… someone’s said that to me. So Congo’s been on my list for a bit now…
  20. Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  21. Garzón, Uruguay.
  22. Dublin, Ireland.
  23. Todos Santos, Mexico. This town was next on my list after Sayulita, before I absolutely fell in love. I have been long wanting to go here though. Check back soon as I’m keen to share my friends from the brand Organic’s home there.
  24. Tamil Nadu, India. Really, check out the banner on this one. Wow.
  25. Vaud, Switzerland.
  26. Washington, D.C.
  27. Brno, Czech Republic.
  28. Saint Helena. My friend and I chose a random place in an atlas to make a pact to take a trip together and this was it. Maybe this is the year!
  29. Barcelona, Spain.
  30. Dalat, Vietnam. I have a friend living in Vietnam right now who insisted I visit. Can’t think of a better time than now!
  31. Turin, Italy.
  32. Isla Holbox, Mexico.
  33. Providence, Rhode Island.
  34. Mosel wine country, Germany.
  35. Pyeongchang, South Korea.
  36. Tyrol, Austria.
  37. Colmar, France.
  38. Kansai, Japan.
  39. East Bay, California. Any of you used to live for the East Bay catalog?
  40. Île de Ré.
  41. East Coast, Sri Lanka.
  42. Rosine, Kentucky.
  43. Málaga, Spain. I was actually thinking about studying abroad here back in college.
  44. Guizhou, China.
  45. Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
  46. St. Louis, Missouri.
  47. Thessaloniki, Greece.
  48. Marfa, Texas.
  49. Ubud, Indonesia.
  50. The Southern Gulf Islands, British Columbia.
  51. Sydney, Australia.
  52. Beaufort, South Carolina.


What are you travel plans for this year? Planning to go to any place on this list? Have you already been to some of these destinations? Let me know in the comments! And like last year, try this game. How many countries in the world can you name? Can you believe there are less than 200? Play and share your scores with me!



  1. I have been to Malta a few times. Excellent place. Barcelona is great too. Not been to any of the others unfortunately.
    Off to Ibiza this year. And no not a crazy music fuelled orgy (unfortunately) as I have a wife and 8 year old daughter.

  2. I travelled to Mexico in August, absolutely beautiful. I can definitely relate to this post, I will be travelling to Salzburg in the Austrian Alps at the end of this month – so take a look at my blog if you wish ☺️ I can inform you of my experiences!

  3. Realistically? Perhaps Kenya – Mombassa specifically! Perhaps some more travel around India…

    Ideally? Oh… the list will go on and on! 🙂

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