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Video: Sneakerhead Diaries – Hanging at Jordan Heads Brooklyn


I’ve always loved a sneaker, even when my choices were questionable (big thank you to my mom for vetoing those LA Gear light ups). Sneakerhead culture has always fascinated me. When I was a kid, my older cousin put me on to Jordans. In the 90s, they were the holy grail of sneakers, arguably still are. More than just a sneaker, Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan brand is probably the holy grail of branding. Before the first pair was introduced in 1985, no black man had been the face of a brand in America.

When Nike & Jordan first came out with the sneaker, the NBA banned the shoe for breaking the leagues colour codes (back then sneakers had to be mostly white). The Air Jordans were black and red, bold, aggressive. He was fined $5,000 per game every time he wore the shoe. Nike gladly foot the bill for this priceless publicity. Like kismet, it was the perfect storm of hip hop, Spike Lee and the Chicago Bulls. Sneakerhead culture was born.

Still of Jordan Heads BK - Nneya Richards“this is a once in a lifetime thing you witness and see and Michael Jordan is one of them” – Calvan Fowler

I’m hanging out with Jordan expert and Bed Stuy store, Jordan Heads Brooklyn owner, Calvan Fowler talking Jordans, Be Like Mike the stock market and sneakerhead culture. Am I finally going to get my first pair of retro Js? Watch below!


Be sure to check out the trailer for Calvan Fowler’s documentary, coming late 2016.

Jordan Heads Brooklyn 302 Malcolm X Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11233 (347) 690-0235

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