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Guide to Medellín for Fathom!

Anyone who has spoken to me about my travels recently knows that I have a new love affair with Colombia. There will definitely be more posts on the blog coming soon about my amazing adventures in South America this winter. But in the meantime, wet your palates with my guide to Medellín for Fathom! Colombia is having a moment. Between talk of Netflix’s Narcos and Steve Harvey’s unfortunate blunder at the Miss Universe pageant, hardly a day goes by without the Latin American country being referenced. Drug trafficking and beautiful women aside, there is so much more to naturally rich Colombia than pop culture may lead you to believe, including Medellín, a city positioning itself as the next art and design capital of South America.

10 Visuals from Beyoncé’s Lemonade that’ll Makes You Want Tidal

From serving us serious #blackgirlmagic with cameos from women like Zendaya and Serena Williams to stunning cinematography, Southern gothic and melodic free verse we know we have to at least watch this 10 more times or until we commit to memory. Here are visual images from Beyoncé’s Lemonade that will have you signing up for Tidal!

New Video: Here’s why you should drop everything you’re doing and score tickets to Rihanna’s ANTI World Tour!

You should drop everything you’re doing and make it your priority to score ticket’s to Rihanna’s Anti World Tour. This past Sunday I went to the first of her two dates at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center with champagne company Armand de Brignac and yup, I’m now apart of the Navy! Here are my highlights!

‘N A Perfect World for Fathom Away We Go! and Bonus New Video!

With eyes wide with excitement, one of the first things people always ask me when I tell them I went to Havana recently, is “How did [I] do it?” I got to share it with a large audience this week on Fathom Away We Go! Check out the article below about how my mother and I set up our own volunteer trip to Havana, Cuba and be sure to check out the video of me breaking it down to Mambu & Company!

At the Oberson House of Design with Gideon and Karen Oberson

Designer Gideon Obserson is somewhat of a legend in the swimwear world. Designing womenswear for decades since the 70s, his swimsuits were the stuff that Miami Vice era dream girls were made of. While in Tel Aviv this spring, I stopped by the Oberson House of Design on Gordon street and met with the designer, and his daughter Karen.

Fast Track: #FollowMeTo Couples Travel Inspiration

With over 3.5 million instagram followers between them, chances are you’ve heard of Russian instagram stars of the #followmeto campaign, and newly weds, Murad Osmann, @muradosmann and Natalia Zakharova, @yourleo. Osmann’s photos take wanderlust to the next level, creating scenes with dreamlike opulence. Their signature: Natalia’s back to the camera, arm outstretched, leading Osmann into one beautiful paradise or another all over the globe. The campaign came about through a comical (and typical) couple’s vacation story. Osmann was busy taking photos and Zakharova, trying to hurry him along, arms stretched back said, “Follow me” and voilá, instagram magic was born. This couldn’t be me. I would crack from the pressure to maintain a perfect manicure. They have been travelling for over 5 years, have done spreads for magazines and in January, released a book as a compilation of these images! I’m definitely ordering one for my coffee table. side bar: I already have the CFDA #Fashion Designers on Instagram book mixed in there with books from Arthur Elgort and Helmut Newton — if that’s not …

‘N A Perfect World for – Street Art in Tel Aviv

Excited to share my recent work for with you, Why Tel Aviv Is One of Street Art’s Most Important Hubs Right Now. As I was walking around Tel Aviv, I became obsessed with the graffiti on the beautifully decaying buildings. When I came back I knew I absolutely had to share it and luckily my editor Abby at Paper is into dope art scenes as much as I am. Understandably for brevity, I didn’t get to include nearly as many artists and go in depth about the scene.  For all you graffiti heads, check back on ‘N A Perfect World… in a month or so where I’ll publish the full unedited article!

‘N’s Nomads: #ShalasStLucia with Shala Monroque

Recently named among the chicest women in fashion in 2015 by, Shala Monroque is the embodiment of perfection here at ’N A Perfect World…. Style, class, and culture with a tongue in cheek sense of humour. For some time, this art and fashion world fixture, GARAGE magazine creative director and Miuccia Prada’s muse seemed to be always on the go and simultaneous in cultural capitals around the world. After having the privilege of spending time with her during last September’s New York and Milan fashion weeks, I saw it was that the time off the red carpet and away from the street style photographers that captured the majesty that is Shala. There’s a serenity, an openness, a spontaneity — in the middle of Milan fashion week, she and her friend, Michele Elie went for lunch and to check out glass-making in Venice and Murano! 
Having recently moved back to her hometown of St. Lucia, West Indies, Shala’s instagram feed has been filled with envy-inducing #ShalasStLucia. I caught up with her about her time in …