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10 Ways to Grow Sisterhood in the Digital Creator Space

Ever so often on a press trip, if it’s a mix of influencers and journalists, the journalists often have horror stories of narcissistic influencer behavior and influencers have horror stories of crabs in a barrel behavior. I too have had some horror stories and I’m sure I’ve shocked an X Gazette decades long journalist or two whipping out my tripod and capturing video and DSLR shots simultaneously but I am respectful of the group. Luckily, more often than not, the sentiment is, “but this trip is different.” Such was the case in my recent trip to St Croix with the US Virgin Islands Tourism board. Could you believe a group of female entrepreneurs (and one male! Thanks for the pic Pablo Valentin) could meet, trade life stories, career advice and experiences? So here’s to making sure that special place isn’t filled with influencers! STOP with the mean girl behavior. Your fellow digital content creator has her own eye and has gotten far enough before she met you. No need to feel threatened that she’s going …

Never Date a Traveler 2.2 – What Are You?

As “others,” we are more often than not asked to define what we are. We also usually have a split second to decide the intentions of our interrogator. Am I black? Am I a New Yorker? Am I an American? Am I Caribbean-American? Naomi happens to love the word exotic. It conjures images of beautiful art. Jennifer and I are wary of the reductionist tone it often takes. Where do we belong?