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Meet Me: Talking Travel with Bloomingdale’s on Thursday 6/7

I’m packing for the weather in France, the UK and Morocco. I have an Away carry-on traveler as well as a checked bag and my new American Rhino Explorer duffel. So, what will I be packing?

Find out when you join me and other travel & fashion industry experts for Bloomingdale’s In Her Shoes series sponsored by Cunard!

Perfect Stay – Palácio Belmonte

I’ve stayed in countless hotels and from luxury hotels to spartan cabins, there have always been a few that stood out as a step above the rest. About 3 that I’ve been so enamored by, the location, decor, staff, vibes that immediately felt like home and left me pining to go back. Palácio Belmonte in Lisbon, Portugal is definitely one of those places. My article for Fathom perfectly captures everything I loved about this property. This is the text I received from the manager of Palácio Belmonte, which set the tone for the next few magical days. Located in the oldest historical Alfama district of Lisbon, high on one of the city’s many hills with views of both rivers, Palácio Belmonte was built into Roman and Moorish walls dating back to 198 B.C. In the mid-1400s it became the residence of a noble family and with it’s ten palatial suites and common areas, I too felt like medieval Portuguese nobility. But this is not your stuffy, white gloved palace hotel. Sure you might run into a …

Black History Month Series: Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou is a world renowned American treasure. A literary hero, civil rights activist, poet, playwright and so much more. I think every young black girl remembers reading I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings for the first time. Still I Rise is the soundtrack in my head on repeat. That glow, that confidence? Thank you Maya Angelou. For me, as a kid, Maya Angelou was one of my first understandings of a living legend. You heard about Martin Luther King Jr. to Shakespeare, but none of these people were still alive. “She did all of this and she’s still living?!” I thought. “I could meet her?!” Sadly, that never happened but Maya Angelou is still a light and source of inspiration to me. After the election last year, when I simply didn’t feel like writing, Maya Angelou’s words pulled me out of the fog like the north star and is the pillar of my content for ‘N A Perfect World still. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery this is the first of a …