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10 African American Friendly Destinations

I encourage people of color to go out and see the world. That is the only way stereotypes can be broken. I’ve often found myself gaining access to places and situations that I know I wouldn’t necessarily have had access to if I were white. I take pride in this and happily eat up all of these moments. This all being said, here are 10 places I’ve traveled that I was particularly well received as an African American woman.

Happy Valentine’s Day! and frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn…

I like fresh flowers in my apartment weekly, I find beautiful lingerie empowering, single or in a relationship; if you haven’t managed to send me a loving text or email in all of the time we’ve been together I’d find it pretty uncomfortable if Hallmark gave you the cojones (and if you do feel the impulse to give me a card, they better be dope like Cleo Wade’s for Harper’s Bazaar)

Travel Diary – Paris, France

This post is a small reprieve from the flood of stories of the tragedies in Paris. I am lucky to have been to Paris a few times, but my trip to Paris in April 2009 is when I really fell in love with the city; I got why my favorite American authors flocked here in the 20s.
April in Paris.  There’s a reason why there’s a song and movie of that name.  It is an absolutely magical time.